HSC Signs onto Statement of Principles in Support of Public Lands

Houston Safari Club recently signed onto a letter to both presidential candidates that covered the Statement of Principles in Support of Public Lands. This letter asked for them to confirm their support for public ownership of public lands and keep nationally owned land from falling into state and private hands.   Sportsmen’s Public Land Support Letter to Mr Trump Sportsmen’s Public Land Support Letter to Secretary Clinton

Houston Safari Club Partners With Conservation Visions And Supports Wild Harvest Initiative

Houston, TX – Houston Safari Club (HSC), a leader in education, conservation and hunters’ rights, is pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with Conservation Visions. HSC’s partnership with Conservation Visions includes support of the Wild Harvest Initiative. The Wild Harvest Initiative is multi-year program designed by Conservation Visions Inc. to measure and analyze the biomass of wild animal protein harvested by citizens of the United States and Canada, and to assess its nutritional and its economic value. The initiative will also determine the ecological and financial costs of replacing this food through standard agricultural and domestic livestock production. “The Wild Harvest Initiative will have great relevance for all stakeholders in the conservation community, and for everyone who is concerned about safe, healthy food,” says Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions Inc.  “We are excited to have Houston Safari Club join our growing coalition of support for the Initiative, and we are

HSC Continues Support of Wildfire Funding and Forest Management

Recently, Houston Safari Club signed onto a wildfire funding and forest management letter to the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry committee. The letter further explains key points within the Emergency Wildfire and Forest Management Act of 2016 they support, and those they still have concerns with, specifically in regards to budget and management of Indian forest land. Wildfire Funding and Forest Management Ltr 2016 SENR

Wildlife for the 21st Century – Volume 5

Houston Safari Club, in conjunction with the American Wildlife Council Partnership (AWCP), is pleased to announce the release of “Wildlife in the 21st Century” version 5. This document is a compilation of recommendations, to be presented to the next U.S. Presidential administration, on the topics identified to be of the greatest impact to the future of wildlife, natural resources, hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation in the U.S.. It is used as a tool to help guide incoming Presidential administrations as they consider the future of wildlife, conservation of resources and the sporting heritage in this country. Download the document here: W21_Volume_5_final-compressed (2) Please read on for further information. Wildlife for the 21st Century: Volume V is the fifth in a series of recommendations from the American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) beginning in 2001. AWCP is a consortium of 45 organizations that represent the interests of America’s millions of dedicated hunter conservationists, professional wildlife

HSC Lends Support To Forest Management & Wildfire Suppression

Houston Safari Club has signed onto a letter urging the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee supporting a provision to meet state wildlife population goals, budgetary management for wildfire suppression efforts and recommending an improvement to address the long-term budget profile.     Wildfire Funding and Forest Management Ltr 2016 SENR

Houston Safari Club Continues Support of Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation

Houston, TX – Houston Safari Club (HSC) is honored to announce its continued support of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) in its efforts to advance the rights of hunters, trappers, recreational shooters, and anglers.
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