Houston Safari Club Encourages All Americans To Support Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

Houston, TX (July 18, 2018) – The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (S.3223) (RAWA) was introduced in the U.S. Senate this week. Houston Safari Club (HSC) encourages all Americans to become vigorous and active proponents of this critical legislation. Introduced by Senators James Risch (R-Idaho) and Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), S.3223 would authorize $1.3 billion in existing revenue, from the development of energy and mineral resources on federal lands and waters, to be dedicated to fish and wildlife conservation. The Senate bill is the companion to the House version (H.R. 4647). RAWA is the result of years of planning, studies, meetings and commitment by researchers, state and federal agencies, thought leaders in the energy sector, legislators, organizations and others. “The introduction of S.3223 is the culmination of an incredible amount of work by so many people. Their dedication to the future of wildlife, habitat and the agencies that protect and support

Houston Safari Club Supports Dedicated Funding to Recover America’s Fish and Wildlife

Houston Safari Club has signed on to a letter to support dedicated funding for RAWA. Specifically, the dedication of $1.3 billion annually into the federal Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program, using existing revenue from the development of energy and mineral resources on federal lands and waters.  HSC supports this recommendation of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources, comprised of national business and conservation leaders. Read the full letter here: WF SIGN ON LETTER

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act Updates

Bipartisan support for Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, H.R.4647 (Fortenberry and Dingell) continues to grow. Thanks to the hard work of Alliance members and individuals nationwide, 71 Members of Congress (33 Republicans and 38 Democrats) have co-sponsored, including 5 Texans, Rep. Kay Granger, Rep. Pete Sessions, Rep. Gene Green, Rep. Beto O’ Rourke and Rep. Henry Cuellar.  Let’s keep up this terrific momentum – we all benefit if this landmark legislation is passed. Texas would be eligible to receive more than $63 million per year, transforming efforts to conserve and restore more than 1,300 fish and wildlife species of concern here in the Lone Star State. Many impactful programs could be added or expanded — research, species reintroductions, habitat restoration, conservation easements, outdoor recreation and nature education.     How To Reach Your Member of Congress Individuals: Go to your U.S. Representative’s website, find the contact form, and send your rep a message asking him/her to co-sponsor H.R. 4647. Use

HSC Signs On To Refuge Expansion Letter

HSC signs on to letter of support for the proposed 2018-2019 Refuge-Specific Hunting and Sport Fishing Regulations. The letter highlights the opportunities to expand hunting and fishing opportunities on 30 refuges and the potential subsequent benefits to recruitment and retention.  Read the full letter here: AWCP Refuge Expansion Letter

Houston Safari Club Foundation and Houston Safari Club Launch New Online Presence

Houston, TX (July 6, 2018) – Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and Houston Safari Club (HSC) are pleased to announce the launch of their new websites and social media channels. As part of its organizational restructuring, to effect change for specific issues facing hunting and hunters, HSCF and HSC have launched websites and media channels unique to each effort. HSC is ramping up its legislative and policy efforts while HSCF will continue to support and grow its programs for education, scholarship and conservation. Visitors can view the new sites at and Links to social media channels are provided from the home page of each website. About Houston Safari Club Foundation Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation, and the promotion of our hunting heritage. HSCF has awarded 500 scholarships totaling $2.1 million dollars.

HSC signs on to letter in support of Sage-Grouse and Mule Deer Habitat Conservation and Restoration Act (S. 1417)

Houston Safari Club, in conjunction with American Wildlife Conservation Partners affiliate organziations, signs on to letter in support of Sage-Grouse and Mule Deer Habitat Conservation and Restoration Act (S. 1417). This legislation would direct the Bureau of Land Management to conserve and restore important sagebrush habitat from the encroachment of invasive piñon pine and juniper trees. This bill would remove duplicative and unnecessary hurdles that can currently prevent and delay these important projects. Specifically, S. 1417 would categorically exclude commonly used and previously analyzed practices for restoring and rehabilitating sagebrush habitat for the benefit of sage-grouse and mule deer from duplicative study under the National Environmental Policy Act. Read the letter here: AWCP S.1417 Sage-Habitat CE 5-25-18
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