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Houston Safari Club Partners With Conservation Visions And Supports Wild Harvest Initiative

Houston, TX – Houston Safari Club (HSC), a leader in education, conservation and hunters’ rights, is pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with Conservation Visions. HSC’s partnership with Conservation Visions includes support of the Wild Harvest Initiative.

The Wild Harvest Initiative is multi-year program designed by Conservation Visions Inc. to measure and analyze the biomass of wild animal protein harvested by citizens of the United States and Canada, and to assess its nutritional and its economic value. The initiative will also determine the ecological and financial costs of replacing this food through standard agricultural and domestic livestock production.

“The Wild Harvest Initiative will have great relevance for all stakeholders in the conservation community, and for everyone who is concerned about safe, healthy food,” says Shane Mahoney, CEO of Conservation Visions Inc.  “We are excited to have Houston Safari Club join our growing coalition of support for the Initiative, and we are committed to working with our Partners to forge common ground for discussion and public engagement in wildlife conservation issues”.

“HSC is thrilled to continue our partnership with Shane and Conservation Visions. Shane’s foresight to gather and bring this data into the public conscience will hopefully join academia, the non-hunting populace and hunter-conservationists together to better understand the importance of wild, sustainable resources”, states Joe Betar, Executive Director, Houston Safari Club.

About Conservation Visions

Conservation Visions Inc. will educate and inspire the general public and sustainable use community on why conservation matters; promote sustainable use as a conservation mechanism worldwide; reestablish conservation as a social movement by promoting the concept of ‘citizen conservation’; build strong and diverse conservation coalitions by building upon shared ideals; encourage and enable stakeholders to take action for wildlife and human heritage protection; reinvigorate the idea that wildlife belongs to everyone, and ultimately effect positive change for wildlife and humanity.

About Houston Safari Club

Houston Safari Club (HSC) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation, and the protection of hunters’ rights. In addition, HSC proudly provides one of the largest scholarship programs of its kind, through its 501(c)(3) charitable arm, the American Conservation and Education Society (ACES). HSC and ACES are independent organizations and are not chapters of or affiliated with any other organization. Visit our website at, or call 713.623.8844 for more information.

Houston Safari Club (HSC) is a non-profit organization, exempt from federal income tax, under section 501(c)(4) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Payments to HSC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Please contact your tax advisor concerning deductibility of any payments as business deductions. HSC EIN: 76-0082197. HSC is an independent organization, is not affiliated with Safari Club International (SCI) or its affiliates and is not a chapter or affiliate of any other organization.